Sunday, 17 February 2013

Gradient half moons

Hello chickens.
As promised, here is a tutorial for the pink gradient half moons.

What you'll need:
Your two colours, I have pink (Essie's 'off the shoulder') and a white (Sally Hansen 'White Out')
A latex sponge with which to create the gradient
Glitter to place around the moon
Masking tape, foil and a toothpick.

First, paint your base coat and a coat (or two depending on your polish) of white.

Next, cut a semi circle out of the masking tape, and place it on the cuticle end of the nail.
Alternatively, you can use the rounded end of a bandaid, or a binder hole reinforcer, or any sort of rounded sticker.

Paint the two colours for the gradient onto your sponge in stripes, and dab it onto your nail.

You can repeat step 3 as many times as you like to achieve the desired intensity, but make sure you let each layer dry completely before applying the next layer, otherwise you'll pull up the layers below.

Once you've reached the colour intensity you want, pull the tape off quickly - you don't want the paint to dry too much on the tape.

Now you can do some glitter placement, if you like!
Paint some of the glitter polish onto the foil, and using your toothpick, pull out individual glitters, and place them where you'd like them on the nail.
I've used them around the moon, and as an added bonus, it helps cover up potentially dodgy lines...:)

Top coat and you're done!

Hope this is helpful.
Good luck, and I'd love to see your attempts!