Thursday, 25 April 2013

Black and Gold

Hey guys!
So this is how we know for certain I'm behind the times with my posts, because I'm only just showing you OPIs 'Just Spotted the Lizard'.

This is one of the polishes from the spiderman collection, released mid last year. I only got my hands on it late last year, so tried it out when I got the chance.

Pics after the jump.

These first few pics are three coats of JSTL by itself.

Indirect sunlight
Angled to show colour shift
Direct artificial light
These next few pics are two coats of JSTL over black, as generally putting a multichrome over a black helps to show it to its fullest spectrum.
Not so in this case!

JSTL Over black, indirect sunlight
JSTL Over black, angled
JSTL Over black, direct artificial light
Personally, I prefer JSTL by itself as it gives it a richer golden hue, whereas the black darkens the whole thing (I know, I know, duh Fred).

Which way do you prefer it?
Thanks for dropping by!