Thursday, 13 September 2012

Popping the Cherry...

Well hello there Internets!

It really is a bit of a pleasure to be here, and to try this whole 'real blogging' thing out. I've been on tumblr and instagram up until now - still on ig (@nadeekay - come by for a squiz), but have recently begun to reconsider the tumblr.
I thought I might just try my hand at legit, from a computer, real fingers moving across a keyboard tapping away blogging.
And here I am!

I'm a 20-something Melbourne girl, who's been painting her nails since she was old enough to do so...despite school frowning on it.
As the time has gone by, especially recent time, I've gotten better, mostly because of awesome blogs with tutorials and excellent ideas - so now I plan to pass on any knowledge I glean to you! My readers!

Please feel free to comment, question and suggest, I am more than happy to answer and help out if I can!



  1. Not sure how to follow you - since you don't have a GFC button??

    1. I've done some research, and I'm pretty sure google has 'retired' the gfc widget, much to my dismay! You can follow by email if you'd like, and feed burner will send one email a day, if there has been a post, or using google+ I think, but the gfc has sadly disappeared! Sorry! :/

    2. So, somehow a GFC button appeared today, after I discovered I had a follower, so I just wanted to come and let you know. If you still wanted to, you should be able to follow my blog now! So exciting. :)


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