Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Stripes, pipes and kites.

Hello lovelies!
Maybe ignore the 'kites' part of the title...I like that it sorta rhymes and that's about where its relevance stops...:)
What I have for you today is a makeshift tape mani.

I love the look of these nails, possibly because the design itself is so simple, letting these ├╝ber vibrant colours just do all the work.

To achieve this look, I cut some masking tape into little, almost equal strips, and just placed them randomly and overlapping on top of the base colour, i.e. the green, and then painted the black on top, quickly peeling off the tape to create the crisp lines where the colours shine through.

After the jump is a (dodgy) pic of my right hand, with the varying patterns.

What I used:
ulta3 'frog prince' and 'spring break'
Rimmel 'Sky High'
Revlon 'Bubble'
Australis 'Rich Red'


For the safety of your retinas - don't maximise...:/