Monday, 5 November 2012

5 Shades of Glitter

Hello again!
Today I have for you one of my fave manis, and obviously it includes gradients. Duh.

I did these for an instagram comp held by the lovely Angela @madaboutnails, and the theme was 5 colours. For the month that the comp was running I tried to do every mani with only 5 colours, I did pretty well, but eventually got bored and moved on. ;)
I made it to the final few for people to vote on, which was amazing, but I didn't win, sadly.

To get this effect, I used The Nailasaurus' Gradient method, and blended the base colour (nearest the cuticle) with white instead of another colour, to get the lovely intense to pastel fading.
Then I placed each individual glitter onto the nail to mimic that fading effect.

Excuse the paper in this pic, but I included it as it provided for better white balance, and made for more true to life colours.

As always, thanks for stopping by,