Saturday, 10 November 2012

Not the Sistine Chapel

Hello darling hearts.
Firstly, apologies for the single picture posts! Like I said, crappy photography leads to pics I do not need the world seeing! :/

Anyway, here we have some stained glass effect nails. I love the eye-watering brightness of these, and Danya's students absolutely loved them as well.

The tricky thing with these was making sure we didn't repeat patterns - you'll notice that each nail has a different colour placement. No colour is repeated in the same block.
Silly me didn't plan that out first, and thought logic would prevail. Then halfway through, we freaked, thinking I had messed up! Never fear, we clearly worked it out...eventually.

When I posted these on my Instagram (I'm @nadeekay, if you're wondering), one girl mentioned that they look a little Britto-esque, and after doing a quick google search, I had to agree. Though not quite full Britto, they have a whiff of the Britts about them..

What I used:
Revlon 'Cherries in the Snow', 'Siren'
OPI 'A Grape Fit'
Rimmel 'Sky High'
Sally Hansen 'Mellow Yellow'
No name black striper I bought off eBay.

Stick around for a tute for this design.

Thanks for stopping by,