Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The lady is a vamp

Hello there!
As of today, I am in Cape Town for my friend's wedding, and probably (hopefully) basking in the sun on one of the stunning beaches - if I'm not helping the bride with wedding stuff.

Today I have a quick and dirty post for you.
Incidentally, these were for Danya, for a wedding she was going to herself. They matched her stunning maroon suede heels.

Vampy V
This effect is really very simple to achieve.
I painted the base colour (Revlon 'Cotton Candy'), allowed it to dry completely (this is really important. Alternatively, you could use a fast drying top coat to ensure dry time), placed a square of masking tape down on an angle, then painted the top colour (ulta3 'black plum') and peeled off the tape.
Voila, you're left with a gorgeous deep V effect on the nails.

The shimmer in the ulta3 is really just gorgeous. Such a great deep red, with glass flecks in it.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

ps: kudos if you can get the title reference.