Sunday, 2 December 2012

Stitched up heart

Hello there again!

Today is the wedding, and I am probably very excited! (I say probably, because I'm writing this a full 2 weeks before, so I have to assume...;) )
I'm probably also very excited that it will soon be over, and life can go back to normal...XD

Alas, today is another one picture post, but with this one comes a tutorial as well! Rejoice!

I refer to these as my patchwork heart nails.
Patchwork Heart Nails
I especially love the glitter on the ring finger - it's essence 'blue addicted' which is a stunning royal blue jelly with medium and tiny blue hexes in it. Sadly it's not part of their new line, so I'm glad I stocked up! This was probably the first glitter I've actually really liked. I'm not much of a glitter girl, but this was the beginning of my conversion...:)

What I used:
essence 'you belong to me', 'walk on air', 'let's get lost!'
ulta3 'lily white'
Striping tape from ebay

Stick around for a tutorial a bit later!