Sunday, 2 December 2012

Patchwork Hearts

It's tutorial time!

Today's tute is brought you you by awesomeness and love.

What you'll need: 
Two shades of one colour (I have two blues)
A highly contrasting colour (my white)
Multiple sized dotting tools
A paintbrush/striper in the same colour as your contrasting colour (white)

Start by painting your base coat and the lighter shade of colour.
I have used essence 'you belong to me'

Next use the larger dotting tool (I used the back of a paintbrush) and place 2 dots right next to each other, as shown. Work out which direction you want the heart to go before placing the dots.
You want to not place the dots too close to each other, as these form the 'bum' of the heart, so there needs to be some decent curviness to it. (hehehe...bum...curviness...that's right, I have a gutter brain. Leave me alone! ;))

Repeat this with the medium dotting tool as well, so you have varied heart sizes.

Using the paintbrush/striper, create the point of the hearts, and join them all up.
I did this by placing a dot where I wanted the point to be, and then drew the lines to meet the edges of the dots, and filled in the space.

After the hearts are complete, using the smallest dotting tool (I used a toothpick), place some very small dots around the hearts, filling in the empty space.

Take the darker shade (essence 'walk on air') and very carefully outline the largest heart. It doesn't ned to be perfect, but try to keep it fairly thin.

Using the dark shade again, make little stripes across the outline, to create the stitches effect, as shown.

Top coat to protect your design, and voila!
Adorable patchwork hearts.

Please feel free to leave me a link to your attempt at this design, I would love to see it!

Hope this has been helpful!