Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I'm nekkid!

Hello darling hearts!

Today we have some nude and neons.
I had been seeing the nude and neon combo a lot recently, as it has been summer in the northern hemisphere (thank god we're finally there ourselves - I hate winter. HATE), and this is a nice subtle way to do the neon trend.

And yes, I'm aware that wasn't the right shade of nude for my winter fingers, but I bought it cos I know when I'm tanned, that should be about spot on. In the mean time, I could dream...:)

Then for a competition, I decided to add on some glitter, like so:

I had to fish through multiple coloured glitters, just to find the necessary colours, and let me tell you, the blue and the pink? NOT an easy task!!

What I used:
essence 'nude it!', 'wake up!' 'let's get lost'
Revlon 'Bubble'
Sally Hansen 'Mellow Yellow'
China Glaze 'Electric Pineapple'

And for the glitters:
Blue - Milani Jewel FX 'Teal'
Gold - essence 'make it golden'
Orange and Green  - Lush Lacquer 'dipping dots' (buy it and others here. Do it. Trust me.)
Pink - Wet n Wild 'Party of Five Glitters'

For all the glitters I used the glitter placement technique - paint it onto some foil, then use a toothpick to pull the indiv glitters out. Then I tried to put as much back in the bottle as possible, as I didn't want to waste too much.

Thanks for stopping by!