Friday, 2 November 2012


Hello again lovelies!
How was everyone's Halloween? Mine was pretty good, albeit not at all Halloweeny - I had a uni ball. Was lovely, and I wore orange and black to commemorate it, as the ball itself was (sadly) not themed!

So, back to our regularly scheduled programming, although I need to warn you - all my This Is Halloween Challenge manis were (obviously) done in the past month, meaning my techniques, photography, and posing are all much better than they used to be. But as we're going back to older manis, you're going to have to struggle through some bad photography and poses.
My sincerest apologies. ;)

Today I have for you what someone recently referred to as 'funnel' nails, due to the shape of the white, but I originally called them cut out triangles. So creative, I know!

Funnel Nails

I didn't use any tape or special brushes for these - just the ones in the bottles, and painted very carefully.
As you can see there are a few imperfections, but meh, they're so bright and eye-catching that you don't notice that stuff straight away.

Funnel Nails

I wish I could tell you which colours I used, but it was a while ago, and there are a LOT there!
I can tell you that the thumb nails are actually purple and coral, not blue and red as the pic insists. My camera sometimes (read: most of the time) hates purple.

As always, thanks for stopping by!