Friday, 19 October 2012

There's a light...over at the Frankenstein place

Hello again lovelies!
Today is October 19, and as such I have some bats for you!

I didn't want to be too literal with the bats thing, so I decided to take it to a vampirey castle, in the dead of night, with some bats flying up and away into the distance.

In this next pic, I decided to mattify half of the mani, to see what it would look like, and to give a stone-like effect to the castle. I think it turned out rather well!

And then on the thumb, what better than some Batman?
My fingers don't meet up nicely to make those joined up images, especially not my thumb (I swear I'm missing a joint there...), so I decided to chuck in some random Batmaniness. Cuz I can!

What I used:
For the blue I layered Essie 'Aruba Blue' over Ulta3 'Midnight Fever' - such a gorgeous, rich blue. I did the mani by itself afterwards, and I don't wear plain manis often.
Essence 'Black is Back'
Ulta3 'Banana Split'
Rimmel 'Matte Finish' top coat

As always, thanks for dropping by!

PS, you all totally have some Rocky Horror in your heads now, don't you? Moo hahaha :)


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  1. I love these! This is kinda what I attempted to do though mine was a major fail, check it out xo


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